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What is sintered stone?

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Sintered Stone Guide

The Latest Revelation in Manufactured Stone

If you are looking for stone for your worktops, vanity tops, bathroom cladding, or something else entirely, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your only options are natural stone (granite, marble etc.) or quartz. But there is another option available to you which may be perfect for your project.

What is Sintered Stone?

Like Quartz, Sintered Stone is a manufactured product made from a base of natural stone. Depending on the manufacturer, Quartz has a base of 88%-95% natural quartz stone, mixed with pigments, polymers and resins which is what bonds the slab together.

Sintered Stone is different in that it is made entirely from natural materials which are formed into incredibly strong and durable slabs which have countless applications. This process is called sintering.

Sintered Stone


What is Sintering?

The sintering process uses extreme heat and pressure to bond a material together without melting it with the resulting product being much stronger than the individual parts. We see sintering process in industry and nature, and the easiest way to visualise how it works is to imagine taking a handful of snow and compacting it into a snowball.

When making slabs of Sintered Stone, the raw materials are compacted under a huge pressure of up to 400 bars (5800 PSI!). After that, they are baked at a temperature of 1,200ºC, creating a slab of incredibly strong and versatile stone.


Sintered stone has the benefits of both Granite and Quartz without the negatives. Its main properties are:

Sintered Stone Benefits

What Thickness does Sintered Stone come in?

All of the Sintered Stone manufacturers supply their stone in 12mm thickness as standard. Some also provide 20mm thick slabs as well as thinner 6mm and 3.5mm slabs for flooring/ cladding.

If you are looking for a thicker worktop, we can make the front of your worktops with a mitered edge to give the impression of a thicker top.

What Colours can I get?

Because of the manufacturing process, most sintered stone colours are printed on the face of the slab as any deliberate pattern will not survive the sintering process. As a result, any patterned sintered stone is not full-bodied (pattern running through the thickness of the slab). Uniform designs are not affected by the sintering process and therefore do come full-bodied.

Sintered Stone Colors


Sintered Stone Colors


Sintered Stone Colors


Sintered Stone Colors




What can Sintered Stone be used for?

  • Worktops
  • Vanity Tops
  • Shelves
  • Cladding
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
Note: Because of its properties, Sintered Stone isn’t affected by UV light and so can be used for exterior projects without any issues!


Sintered Stone and the Environment

As it is made entirely from natural materials, Sintered Stone has a lower environmental impact than the quartz, as it contains no resin and is completely recyclable!


Why isn’t Sintered Stone everywhere?

For such a wonder-product, you’d think that it would be the material of choice for almost everyone today, but it is only in recent years that it has started to become a mainstream product.

Because of the type of product it is, Sintered Stone can be complex to fabricate and many stone fabricators don’t have the tools and machinery to do so currently. Steve Bristow Stone Masonry is the premier supplier and fabricator of Sintered Stone in the South West and we can fabricate without issue.

In the next year, we predict that Sintered Stone will become one of our best-selling products. It is already incredibly popular elsewhere in the country and we have already seen an increase in demand, so why not come and see what all of the fuss is about!


Sintered Stone Shelves


Maybe you will think sinterted in very similar to quartz.On the surface, it might not be readily noticeable but sintered stone and quartz materials are different in many ways. Although, they do have some similarities.

Differences Between Sintered Stone & Quartz


Even though sintered stone and quartz share some traits that does not mean these material are the same. They are, in fact, very different from one another. Let's look at some of the differences between quartz and sintered stone.

Perhaps the main difference between quartz and sintered stone is their composition. Quartz is a combination of the natural mineral quartz (some 90%) and the balance of the material made up of pigments and resin binders. On the other hand, sintered stone is composed entirely of natural minerals. The minerals are transformed into a new material using the process known as "sintering". This process uses intense heat and other forces like pressure and electricity to transform the minerals into a solid hard mass of a new material.

The differing composition of sintered stone and quartz mean that these materials have different care requirements. One caution that you will probably find find quartz that you may not find with sintered stone is that quartz can be susceptible to burning from high temperatures. This can happen in the fabrication shop or in the home. If quartz is exposed to extreme heat, it can discolor because of the limits imposed by the resins in the material. Conversely, sintered stone is formed in the presence of extremely high temperatures and is therefore resistant to very high temperatures found in normal everyday household environments.

So there you have some aspects of each of these materials. A basis on which to compare the two. Quartz is a hard engineered surface that is non porous, scratch resistant and does not easily stain. And sintered stone is an all natural surface composed of minerals created using a sintering process that yields another hard material with similar characteristics and more.

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