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20+ Years professional manufacturer of elegant kitchens, bathrooms, medical centers, offices & more, by providing

beautiful custom-made natural marblegranite, and engineered quartz stone, quartzite countertops,

vanities, wall cladding, reception desks, floors, tables, steps, etc. With a wide array of stones to choose from, we at

Xiamen Excellent Stone work with you in selecting the best stone for your needs.All the salesperson in Xiamen

Excellent Stone has excellent communication skills in fluent English and isn’t just about the sale, we

understand what our clients are asking for and is very honest in our approach. When there are quality issues

raised most people have a close approach, however dealing with our sales, it simply isn’t that case. We strive for

an excellent solution and stand by with our clients to the end of problem-solving. I guess this is the reason why

a lot of clients choose to work with us for a long time.

Xiamen Excellent Stone has a clear mission: to provide the best possible quality and value to all of our

clients. Our attention to outstanding service and workmanship has helped us become one of the most

respected and trusted names in the stone industry.


Customs Quartz Countertop


To know more about Xiamen Excellent Stone,you may have interest to read the following information:

1)Top ranking products in our factory: Marble/granite slab countertop,artificial marble slab countertop,engineer quartz

slab countertop

2)Supplying first-hand resource includes raw material and price from Excellent Stone.Purchasing from us directly to

eliminate the middle man to saving your money.Quality is our culture!

3)Excellent stone serves for a lot big projects all over the world for one-stop solution,FREE CAD design drawing,

production on-shop drawing can be provided.Completely customized work,OEM is available.Our experience and skill,

together with our meticulous attention to detail will ensure that we deliver your vision. 

As natural marble is different from each piece,it shows the beauty and luxury of natural stone.We can customize the

personalized design and service according to the preferences of customers.We can do pre-layout from the original

slab for optional before production.Here are some pics to show you this service.


Bianco Orion Marble Bianco White Marble
Natural Marble Stone Orion Bianco Marble Countertop
Marble Countertop Pre-layout Marble Countertop for Kitchen and Bathroom



Shop drawing of kitchen countertop 



Drawing of Kitchen Countertop



Shop drawing of bathroom countertop


Countertop for Bathroom and Ensuite


4)We do believe that we can offer you competitive advantage products ,one-one professional service and

on-time delivery.

5)Online-inspection is available from Xiamen Excellent Stone.

6)Xiamen Excellent Stone is the quarry owner of Cinderalla Grey marble and Tundra Grey marble.30000M2

marble slab showroom in Shuitou,China.Welcome to visit us.


Cinderella Grey marble


Cinderella Grey Marble Block


Cinderella Grey Marble


Grey Cinderella Marble Sizes


Carrara White Marble 


Carrara White Marble Block


Italy Carrara White


Tundra Gray marble 


Tundra Gray Marble


Cheap Greay Marble


Why you can choose us to be your better supplier?

1)Exceptional quality

We fuse the most advanced technology in the Stone Industry with traditional craftsmanship of our stone artisans

to produce the finest quality you will find anywhere. Period!!! It’s worth it even if it takes extra time, with individual

attention as the quality of manufacture is our first priority. An extra standard of workmanship is followed for every

single project combined with painstaking attention to detail which is unmatched by high-volume production companies.

That’s why there are a number of advantages using a small, local fabrication business.The most obvious is that you are

able to communicate directly with the very person who will do the entire process of design, cut, polish and installation

of your worktops. We keep you informed at every step of the process and will explain everything for you!

2)Excellent reputation

Talk to our many satisfied customers and find out what our customers think. References available upon request.

We have collaborated with some of the largest commercial & residential developers in the North American area,

middle east area, and Asia. When you are with Xiamen Excellent Stone, you get the most efficient, effective &

affordable solutions to your stone needs, along with our top quality, professional workmanship & customer service.

3)Wide selection of granite, marble and quartz

We offer a wide range of colors in a variety of stone surfaces: granite, marble, slate, basalt, onyx, limestone and

engineered stone (quartz) to suit your individual requirements. We have the largest number of suppliers for natural

stone and quartz maintaining a range of 600 plus colours.

4)Service & Convenience

All materials natural or unnatural are not created equal. The slabs are always inspected by us for fissures and defects

long before they arrive in the workshop. You can also view and approve the entire slab yourself before we begin processing.

You also have the opportunity to join in the tops templates layout decisions to ensure that your favorite parts of the stone

can be placed at the most preferred locations possible.

By directly dealing all the manufacturing processes independently, we can reduce the price drastically and install affordable

granite kitchen worktops with value services at no additional costs.




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