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  • Happy Chinese Lunar Year
    Happy Chinese Lunar Year
    • January 16, 2023

    Here I'd like to share with you some of the traditional customs we will do during the holiday.   1) Paste up spring couplets     Originally the couplets used by people to avoid evil and welcome good fortune in ancient times. Because it is a kind of couplet, it is usually posted in pairs, and the double number also symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture.   2) New Year's Family Reunion Dinner     For many people, the most anticipated and important activity during the Spring Festival is to eat the New Year's Eve dinner. In the sound of firecrackers, the whole family sat together, had dinner together, and welcomed the new year together. The New Year's Eve dinner, also known as the reunion dinner, is the last meal on the Lunar New Year's Eve. This meal must also be quite rich. Generally speaking, everyone pays attention to eating fish, which symbolizes that there is more than enough for each year. There will also be dumplings, wonton, yuan xiao, long noodles or rice cakes and other staple foods.   3) Set off fireworks/firecrackers      As the legend, fireworks and firecrackers were first used to drive away the monster Nian. Now, fireworks and firecrackers are mainly used to increase the festival atmosphere and make the New Year happier.   4) Lucky money     When I was a child, the happiest thing during the new year was to receive the lucky money.    At last, Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Wishing you good luck and prosperity in 2023.  

  • Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble
    Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble
    • January 06, 2023

    Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble  Today,let's talk about Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble . As we all know white marble has always been the most popular and eye-catching stone in the marble market. In recent years, the public's aesthetics have become younger and younger. The white marble just meets the aesthetic requirements of young people, minimalist, white, elegant and fashionable. White marble has a warm temperament and exciting natural texture. It cannot be justified if it does not become a popular marble. There are also many varieties of white marble, such as volaks white marble, carrara white marble,calacatta marble,statuario white marble and so on.   Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble are a pair of well-known twin brothers. They come from the same quarry in Italy. At first glance, it seems difficult to distinguish them. Experienced stone workers can always accurately identify them through their background color and texture. Today, i will teach you how to quickly and accurately distinguish the twin brothers.   Statuario marble is originated from the north-central Italy,carrara quarry site, Due tothe  production and origin constraints,there is only marble mined here in the world can be called statuario white marble. And calacatta white marble is produced from a certain part of the statuario quarry,only can be distinguished according to the background color and texture.   Calacatta Marble    Statuario Marble    Then,let's take a look at how they compare from the slab       Do you get the difference between Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble? There are many statuario white nets, black spots (snowflake spots) are obvious, the whiter the background color, the more expensive, and the texture is also divided into large flowers, medium flowers and fine flowers. Statuario White Marble is a cool white color. The base color of calacatta white marble is more milky yellow, with a little yellow in the texture and less snowflakes. Calacatta white is a warm white. Typical calacatta white marble is a transparent white background with turquoise linesThe texture is relatively concentrated, and the style of the warmer series. The typical statuario white is ice white, and the texture is gray cyan.The texture is looser and more casual than calacatta white, and tends to be cooler. Let's see next how these twin brothers use their very different styles?They become the white moonlight in the hearts of many high-end architectural designers.         Welcome to contact for more information about natural marble products.

  • Luxury Quartzite Stone from Brazil
    Luxury Quartzite Stone from Brazil
    • January 05, 2023

    Luxury Quartzite Stone from Brazil The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. Although the Chinese team has been absent from the World Cup as always, there is no shortage of Chinese elements in the World Cup. From the stadium, to the water supply network, to the power guarantee, Chinese manufacturing provides the Qatar World Cup. Strong support. Without the eye-catching performance of our Chinese team, let's fully support the foreign teams we love in our hearts. As a frequent visitor to the World Cup and the favorite to win the championship, the Brazil team showed good form and beat Serbia 2:0 in the Group G match, making a good start. Forward Richarlison scored twice in the second half and became the biggest contributor to Brazil's victory in this game. The Brazilian team, which has won 5 World Cup titles, is amazing.   Brazil is not only famous for football, but also their natural stone is the best in the world. There are various kinds of marble, granite and luxury quartzite stone, which are so beautiful and amazing. In 2021, Brazil's luxury stone exports will perform well. Export turnover reached a record US$1.34 billion, surpassing the previous record of US$1.3 billion set in 2013. Compared with 2020, the turnover increased by 35.5% in export volume and 11.4% in physical volume, totaling 2.4 million tons, exported to 124 countries on all continents.The five main export destination countries for luxury stone are the United States, China, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom, accounting for 86.3% of all exports. The US alone accounted for 62.7% of exports. Exports to the US, mainly slabs, averaged $840 a tonne, compared with $220 a tonne in China, the main block importer. Before,we have talked about the top 10 natural quartzite. Today, let's take a look at what are the luxury quartzite stones in Brazil? Let’s explore the uncanny craftsmanship of natural creations and feel the wonderful charm of natural art. AMAZONITA QUARTZITE(AMAZON GREEN) Amazon green is now one of the most expensive stones. The refreshing rainforest color adjusts the unrepeatable natural hue, and the mottled and interlaced lines are like cracked rocks, which is very individual and artistic.   PANDORA QUARTZITE Pandora, one of the most well-known Internet celebrity stone. The texture of the board surface is like the mottled tree shadows sprinkled by the sun through the branches and leaves, which are clearly reflected on the snow. It is fresh and elegant, and has good light transmission. After light transmission, it presents a gorgeous visual effect, interpreting a luxurious and elegant space style.     ALPINUS QUARTZITE From a distance, it looks like continuous undulations, with patches of white snow-capped mountains reaching directly to the sky. Looking closely, it looks like a plum forest in the snow, with distinct flowers and trees, white snow and plum blossoms lingering, giving people a sense of leisure and peace.   ELEGANT BROWN QUA...

  • Top 5 natural marble originated from Guangxi
    Top 5 natural marble originated from Guangxi
    • January 03, 2023

    As a large stone province in China, Guangxi is rich in stone resources. Today, I will introduce top 5 marble stone from Guangxi.     01.Nero Marquina(Black Marquina) Black marquina marble are produced in Guangxi and Hubei. Black background with white flowers, good luminosity, easy to glue. Black with white tendons, low-key and restrained, like an elegant gentleman. Being in it, it seems to have a strong backing, and the restless heart begins to calm down, no longer hesitate, no longer afraid of the future, this is the charm of the nero marquina marble.           02.Guangxi White The surface of Guangxi white slab is snow-white, with yellow or gray veins on the surface, and the texture of different thickness resembles mountains, rivers and clouds. It is beautiful and generous, and has high cost performance. Mainly used for interior decoration, railings and so on.       03.Rosa Red Marble  Rosa red marble is of excellent texture, bright with beautiful pattern and tone, good appearance and intuitive feeling, and its compressive strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance and hardness have reached international standards in terms of quality indicators.   04.King Flower Marble The background color of smoky gray and the pattern of white petals make the king flower marble full of characteristics. As a classic domestic stone variety, it is suitable for decorative materials on indoor walls, cylinders, floors, stair steps, etc. It can also be used for stair railings, service Platform, door face, window sill, skirting board, etc.   05.Cinderella Grey Marble  Cinderella grey marble, as its name suggests, has both beauty and quality, and has the elegance from the depths of the soul. When it is actually used, it can express strong subjectivity, bring people the aesthetic feeling of combining hardness and softness, and the integration of nature and man-made. The changeable sensory world, whether it is used as a floor or a wall, or other, is luxurious but not extravagant. Xiamen Excellent Stone has the ownership of cinderella grey quarry,we are one of the biggest retailers and wholesaler for the cinderella grey marble.Welcome to contact us for a factory price for slab,tiles and block.           Welcome to ask for free samples.

  • What is the difference between coarse grain quartz slab, fine grain quartz slab and powder plate?
    What is the difference between coarse grain quartz slab, fine grain quartz slab and powder plate?
    • December 23, 2022

    What is the difference between coarse grain quartz slab, fine grain quartz slab and powder plate? 1.Coarse grain quartz slab is one of the cheapest quartz, which has few processing steps and mature technology. The disadvantage is that there are so many patterns, which is too common! Fine particle quartz slab is to grind the quartz sand a little bit more finely. It looks like the texture is a little more delicate.The price is moderate.     2.Powder quartz slab, the powder plate is the aristocrat of quartz stone. It can be divided into bright surface and dermatoglyphic surface, that is, matt surface. The bright surface is the traditional water grinding polishing process commonly used for other quartz stones. After multiple 2000 mesh water grinding heads are grinded under high pressure and high speed, the effect is as bright as a mirror. For dermatoglyphic surface, the process is more complex and more expensive.     3.The manufacturing process of the powder plate itself is more complicated than that of the coarse and fine particle quartz slab. It is almost equivalent to grinding the quartz sand into powder and then refining and pressing, and grinding into powder requires removing iron filings, because the iron filings of the hammer itself will inevitably be mixed with the powder quartz in the process of grinding, and then the powder plate will be processed with patterns, that is, the general pattern will be paved manually in advance and then pressed. Do you think it is the king of quartz stone after so many processes? did not! On the contrary, because the particles of the powder plate are too fine, the wear resistance is worse than that of the coarse particle plate. In summary, the cheapest and most resistant is the coarse particle slab, the most cost-effective is the fine particle plate, and the most expensive is the powder plate, but the wear resistance is not as good as the other two. Because of the strength and abundance of quartz surface, quartz is a popular and reliable choice for countertops. Quartz countertops are the modern way to take your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity to the next level. The clean and elegant flow throughout the surface, which either mimics natural stone or has glass chips, will make any room shine.     Why choose quartz countertops in the kitchen?     1.Not easy to scratch.Quartz stone has high hardness and is not easy to be scratched in use. There are many sharp tools in the kitchen, and those made of other materials are inevitably scratched. 2.Without maintenance Even after a long time of continuous use, its surface is as beautiful as the newly installed table, without maintenance. 3.Heat-resistance. Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material, with a melting point of more than 1300 degrees. Quartz stone made of 93% natural quartz is completely flame retardant, and will not burn due to contact with high temperature. It also has high temperature resistance char...

  • Application and maintenance of Calacatta white marble
    Application and maintenance of Calacatta white marble
    • December 21, 2022

    Application and maintenance of Calacatta white marble   The physical date of Calacatta white marble Origin: Italy Color: white  Density: 2.72g/cm3  Compression resistance: 139Mpa Bending resistance: 7Mpa  Water absorption rate: 0.18%     Material description: Calacatta white marble is a kind of white marble mined in Italy. This stone is deeply loved by designers and contractors in terms of material, pattern, and smoothness. It is widely used in the decoration of high-end hotels, high-end villas, and high-end leisure places. After laying, it feels moist and elegant with jade, as if you are in the palace of the Holy Spirit.     Advantages: Calacatta white has the characteristics of weather resistance, non-corrosion, durable, beautiful and generous, harmonious and natural, and is widely liked by users.   Ideal quality: (1) white background, the whiter the better, (2) fine lines, less lines, evenly distributed, (3) no yellow lines, yellow spots, gray spots, green spots (4) no cracks, (5) no Gray band, you can refer to these points to check the quality of the calacatta white you purchased.   Application: floors, walls, countertops, etc.     Project Cases: Beijing Kunlun Hotel (5-star), Macau Wynn Diamond Casino       Calacatta white marble does not need to be strengthened with waterproof adhesive on the back, only need to carefully repair the cracks on the cracked parts, clean the stone surface after comprehensive polishing, and when the stone is more than 90% dry, implement six-sided protection by soaking or cross-rolling , to ensure that it is fully saturated at one time, and the stand still for more than 24 hours, and the residual liquid on the surface can be wiped off before delivery and installation.   Stone application selection: Calacatta white marble belongs to dolomite marble, mainly calcium and magnesium carbonate, so in daily maintenance and management, special chemical agents should be used to make calacatta white marble more translucent and clearer, which cannot be achieved by general marble surface agents. The transparency, smoothness, clarity and high luminosity of calacatta white, especially the staff without professional training will make calacatta  marble white beyond recognition, either yellowing or blackening. It is recommended that the owner must choose a more professional stone maintenance company! Before the grinding process, do not do a good job in the thorough protection of the stone. Of course, this kind of stone must be thoroughly protected before the installation, and the curing period after the stone installation must be sufficient for 28 days before it can be carried out.   How to do maintenance of calacatta white marble?   Management attention: Because white marble is more likely to be polluted than other colors stones, it is recommended that during mai...

  • Top 6 stunning white marble buildings around the world
    Top 6 stunning white marble buildings around the world
    • December 15, 2022

    It has been a long time that natural marble has been used as the main material of arts and crafts and architectural decoration because of its nice texture,characteristics and material advantages. In their hands, amazing buildings have been created. For example, the five most famous buildings in the world which are all made of marble stone: Taj Mahal The Washington Monument Buckingham Palace Statue of David          There are many other famous marble architectural landmarks around the world which has far and wide reputation and magnificent. Let's see the world famous white marble architecture.   1.Argul Weave Commericial Centre   The architect cut pieces of white Patara marble from Burdu, Turkey, and then spliced them into intertwined lines, like a layer of fabric distributed over the entire building, and used red marble from the Aegean region of Turkey as the base, and finally built the Marble "woven" Argul Weave Commercial Center.       2.Groenlândia commercial space Groenlândia commercial space, the whole body is made of white marble and glass, reflecting transparency, rigidity and dazzling sense. Integrating visual, light, air and other elements in the space, enriching the space and allowing people to experience a thorough space experience.       3.The Arc de Triomphe in Paris The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a representative building of the Empire style. It is entirely made of natural marble. The overall relief technique is exquisite, and the relief image is majestic, calm and majestic.       4.Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy The exterior walls of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the surrounding cathedrals, baptistery, and cemetery are all made of milky white marble, each relatively independent but forming a unified Romanesque architectural style.       5.Baha'i Temple Baha'i Temple by Siamak Hariri, the inner cladding is translucent natural marble from the estremoz quarry in Portugal, and the outer cladding is covered with 1,129 specially researched and developed glass panels. The smooth, curved lines weave a film-like of gloss.         6.Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland museum of art is a white marble neoclassical building, Uruguayan architects alternately used white marble wide bands and black pinstripes, black and white collocation, highlighting the charm of a large art museum.       Throughout the world's famous landmark buildings, no matter the interior or exterior space,white color is the key color. White marble, because of its natural and changing "white", has created various possibilities for home decoration, and has always been popular. Favored by interior designers. Let's take a look at the application of white series marble in home decoration space! Marble is widely used for kitchen countertops,worktops,bathroom vanity,wall tiles, TV background,floorings,table tops,coffee tables and stais etc. &nb...

  • Messi same style,is Fendi white marble is on a trendy?
    Messi same style,is Fendi white marble is on a trendy?
    • December 09, 2022

    Fendi White marble is originated in Italy. The white base color is transparent and jade-like, and the irregular gray and white crystals are elegantly scattered on the surface. Free and casual, with a strong impressionist unique style. Let's check two slab pics of Italy fendi white marble.Every piece is different.     Fendi White marble is fine and textured, and it is the most popular white marble stone among designers after Calacatta White. First-line furniture brands such as Baxter have already made many designs with it, and there are also many amazing cases in the hands of design master Steve Leung. Some people say that it has the same popularity with calacatta white marble. Which one do you like in comparison?           Fendi white is expensive. It is said that Messi’s villa also uses Fendi white. We can see Messi’s selfie. Fendi white is used in the design of the fireplace. As the king of the ball, Messi's every move has received a lot of attention. Messi is currently competing in the World Cup. The editor hopes that he can win the World Cup this year.     Fendi white marble is fashionable in style, suitable for background wall and countertop decoration of home decoration. We can see that many people are introducing Fendi Bai's dining table on major video platforms. As an Italian white stone, the natural stone price is not low. According to different panels, the price of Fendi white marble is ranges from $280 to $600 per square meter.       Dining tables and coffee table tops are where Fendi White is most widely used. Unique style, low-key and casual. An oval dining table is enough to make your dining room unique.         Besides table tops,fendi white also can be used for exterior wall tiles with a stunning look.         Welcome to discuss more details about italy fendi white marble and its application.

  • Quartz Countertops
    Quartz Countertops
    • December 07, 2022

    Quartz Countertops      Quartz surfaces blend modern sophistication and timeless luxury with unbeatable strength and durability. Why people choose quartz surfaces? Quartz surface has no pores; unlike granite and marble products, these surfaces even have anti-bacterial and germ resistant properties that will keep your kitchen and bathroom sanitary.    In every renovation, it is important to remember about the return on investment. While overspending is never good, do spend where it counts. Countertops are working surfaces that tend to show their age after a while, but because Quartz is so durable it continues to look new for much longer than other materials. So while pricier than some materials (such as laminate), it will last much, much longer.If you are looking for a countertop with lots of color that is also highly resistant to stains and discoloration from foods, liquids and oils, then quartz maybe the right choice for you.  If you stick with a classic color and style, you won’t need to replace it as long as you own your house. What is the advantage of quartz countertops? Quartz countertops, often called engineered stone countertops, are similar in appearance and performance to granite, yet are quite different in their makeup. Quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. The quartz content is typically 92% to 94%. It is an extremely popular choice for today’s homebuilders and home owners alike and comes in an extremely wide range of colours and styles to suit most décor tastes. If you’re looking for counters with a clean simple style without much patterning, quartz is a great option for you. Quartz is easier to keep germ-free because quartz is an engineered product, it is non-porous so coffee, citrus juice, cooking oil, and other common kitchen liquids won’t stain it. Quartz isn’t totally immune to scuffs and stains, but it’s about as scratch- and stain-resistant as countertops get. The resins and polymers used during the manufacturing process form strong bonds that aren’t easy to break. There is no need to seal quartz ever thus making it virtually maintenance free.     Welcome to discuss more of your demands and our service.

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