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  • What is the secret of Calacatta?
    What is the secret of Calacatta?
    • December 08, 2023

    What is the secret of Calacatta? Why this marble is so popular? How many kinds of Calacatta (or Calacata) marble exist?          Calacatta marble is a distinctive white Italian marble with gray and gold veining.Marble Calacatta takes name from the localities in Carrara (Calacatta, Calagio e Calocara) and there only 5 quarries located in this small area that give marble named Calacatta. The main characteristic of this marble is pure white microcrystalline structure with graphic veining of all shades of grey and gold colors. Technically it is high density marble, very hard, with very law absorbtion coefficient, law flexibility and others very highly appreciated by engineers characteristics. But to me the main value of this marble is its uniqueness, history and prestige. Nowadays most of high end design projects bare inside some Calacatta. And  personally I don’t think it’s only the history of this marble used by Michelangelo, Canova and most of artists, but the fact that it’s warm white background and all shades of grey and gold colors match most of modern colors and designs - from minimal to very extravagant and striking effects.    Available as marble slabs and marble tile in both honed and polished finishes, this elegant natural stone is the perfect choice to create stunning marble countertops, marble kitchen islands, marble floors and backsplashes.      

  • Producing Quartz Slab Look Like Marble
    Producing Quartz Slab Look Like Marble
    • September 08, 2023

      Marble is one of the most famous natural stones in the market, and it remains one of the best choices for countertops. This is due to its timeless classical appearance. However, nowadays, you can mimic the natural feel of marble with other types of stones. Quartz, for example, as it is an engineered stone you can easily find Quartz that looks like Marble. There are different types of marble and quartz, and some of these types are so similar in appearance that, from an aesthetic point of view, the choice between one or the other is redundant. Let’s talk about some types of quartz that can look exactly like marble, but first, let’s define what exactly is to “look like marble”.Perhaps you like the elegant veining of a beautiful white marble like Calacatta, but do not want to deal with the maintenance marble requires. Luckily, there are some excellent quartz options that can resemble various types of marble. The beautiful options above show that you do not need natural marble to achieve the marble look. Quartz is a stunning low maintenance option that is among the best materials you can choose for your countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops or other home structures. These beautiful white quartz surface features gorgeous veining that resembles Calacatta marble. If you are looking for quartz that has a marble look, all these quartz surface below is a fantastic choice.         Calacatta Clara bets on an Italian style, with a milky white background complimented with beautiful long lines along its surface. That creates a beautiful piece of quartz that looks almost identical to marble.           What are the advantages of Quartz over Marble? Quartz is low cost and really easy to take care of as it has a natural sealing. Marble, however, is expensive and needs much more attention as it is fragile to temperatures and stains! If you are looking for quartz that resembles marble, you have plenty of great options to choose from. This guide will help give you the information you need to make a decision. Welcome to contact to discuss more details about quartz that look like marble.

  • The Difference Between Sintered Stone and Porcelain
    The Difference Between Sintered Stone and Porcelain
    • August 01, 2023

    Sintered Stone vs Porcelain Slabs Like porcelain, sintered stone can be used for multiple surfaces in building architecture, home interiors and commercial design. Sintered stone is used for cladding, flooring, building facades, and residential and business countertops and work surfaces. Sintered stone and porcelain are both made by "sintering" raw materials. The environments in which porcelains and sintered stones can be installed are similar. Since they are both very hard materials, specific tools are required for cutting them. A lot of people think both materials is the same, they have some similarities in common, yes but they are different. Sintered Stone slabs is not the same as porcelain slabs. Here are some of the differences between sintered stone and porcelain:Raw Materials :Both use different raw materials, thus the end result is different.- Porcelain makes use of raw materials like clay, silica, feldspar, and flint.- Sintered Stone raw material is:  Minerals from Granite, Quartz and feldspar which give the product its hardness and strength Minirals from glass & silica to provide chemical stability Natural Oxides that offer chromatic propertiesForces level used during processing - Porcelain is manufactured in a high pressure environment. This tension within porcelain can make it susceptible to chipping and more importantly, cracks. - Sintered stone can handle rapid temperature changes, whether it’s a hot pot fresh off the stoveThickness: Sintered Stone minimum of 6mm while Porcelain 8-10mm. (ultrathin is strength of Sintered Stone)Size : Sintered Stone can be as big as 1600x3200 and lightweight . Porcelain Slab, biggest is 900x1800mm. Printing: porcelain is printed on top while sintered stone is not. What this means is that porcelain products can be produced in a myriad of patterns, however, those patterns only appear on the surface of the material. The term “through-body”(full bofy) is often used to indicate whether the color and/or pattern go through the entire thickness of the slab.Xiamen Excellent Stone supplys a full-body sintered stone where patterns are consistent throughout the slab no matter which way, or how many times you cut it.Consistent, uniform color throughout the whole slab can be achieved by the mineral/pigment mix, while through-body patterning is much more difficult, as replicating veining or striping is harder to do during the production process. Xiamen Excellent Stone sintered stone has the process down to a science; we can create book-matched, through-body veined slabs.     Water-resistant: Porcelain features a less porous structure with about 0.5% water absorption. In contrast, Sintered Stone has a non-porous structure has only 0.02% for being impenetrable.Production: Sintered Stone has higher production standard, making it harder and denser. it reaches 7-8 on the Mohs scale (hardest is level 10) As a result, the sintered stone slab can effectively resist abrasions, s...

  • Calacatta Gold Quartz Vein Matching Service
    Calacatta Gold Quartz Vein Matching Service
    • June 29, 2023

    Xiamen Excellent Stone offers exclusive vein matching service for Calacatta Gold ,Calacatta White and similar vein patterned quartz, ensuring a seamless and stunning aesthetic for the full cladding kitchen worktops. Calacatta Gold Quartz is renowned for its luxurious beauty, resembling the iconic natural Calacatta marble. Its captivating golden veins on a pure white background bring timeless sophistication to any kitchen design. With our vein matching service, we take it a step further, ensuring every inch of the worktop exudes perfection. Our team of experts hand-selects each slab, carefully examining the intricate veining patterns by placing them side by side and matching the veins, achieving a harmonious result, tailored specifically to your design preferences. Contact us to learn more about our Vein Matching Service and to discuss how we can bring your dream kitchen to life. Let us create a space where beauty and functionality merge seamlessly.         Xiamen Excellent Stone is a leader in the stone industry, is a dynamic company masterfully blending quality with innovation and style. Supplying premium quality natural stone products, our extensive selection of quartz stone,marble and granite include beautiful and unique materials that come in a range of finishes and sizes. From designers and architects to homeowners and renovators, we treat our customers like long-term partners, aiming always to exceed their expectations. We set ourselves apart by providing the quickest service in the industry, maintaining a consistently exceptional experience for all who walk through our doors.

  • Red Marble Color Stone
    Red Marble Color Stone
    • June 21, 2023

    Usually we say natural marble texture changes a lot in color.However, the common ones on the market are basically black, white and gray,also beige and other colors.After seeing the colorful stone world,I have to be touched by the bright red stone again. Natural marble rarely has pure red, most of them are mixed with other colors, mainly red, colliding with colorful styles. But no matter which style it is, red marble is filled with a hot and free atmosphere, bringing romantic and sentimental thoughts to the space.     Today I will prepare for you the collections of red natural stone,including marble, luxury stone,pls see which one do you like? Red color symbolizes passion, sensuality, authority, festiveness, self-confidence,it is is an energetic color,especially in China. There is always a unique emotion for red. Rosa Levanto Marble Red Travertine   Rosso Alicante Marble  Rosso Alicante marble adds a warm and lively atmosphere to the plain space.   Rosso Verona Marble   Royal Pink Marble Rosa Norvegia Marble Imperial Red Marble Iron Red Marble Italy Paradiso Marble   Red Dragon Marble French Red Marble   Cloudy Rosa Marble         Red marble is a beautiful and bold natural stone that can add an amazing pop of color to any space within the home. There are few stones that you will find that are as visually striking as red marble. Red marble slabs are sure to attract attention to your space. If you install a red marble countertop, it can instantly become the focal point of your home. The stone also looks great as a backsplash or vanity top. If you want to add a bit of color and life to your space, choosing to install red marble can do just that.  

  • Best Quality Quartz Slabs
    Best Quality Quartz Slabs
    • May 10, 2023

    Xiamen Excellent Stone is your reliable supplier of Quartz slabs. Founded in 2008, we are dedicated to enhancing life space by offering the best quality Quartz slabs. With slogan “Aspired by nature, made for life” and innovative designs and an diverse color palette, Excellent stone will make all of your design aspirations come true.  Our quartz mainly can be divided into 4 catagories,basic collection,carrara colleaction,calacatta collection and natural collection.   BASIC COLLECTION The Basic series represents happiness and freshness. They are perfect for most houses because of their practicality and the way they blend with most space and ability to hide stains and spills.Like iced white,diamond white,mirror white,concrete,silver grey,mirror black,pure white etc.   CARRARA COLLECTION Carrara quartz is a stone that is similar to natural Carrara marble in appearance.  Scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, very durable, and a beautiful appearance will make you fall in love with our Carrara quartz slabs.   CALACATTA COLLECTION Affordable high-end looks and life-long durability come together in Calacatta colors. With polished finish for a tinge of elegance that reflects more light for your surface.   NATURAL COLLECTION Bringing various design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Natural series offering the beauty and movement of natural stone with the low maintenance of quartz.

  • Happy International Labor Day
    Happy International Labor Day
    • April 28, 2023

    Please be informed that the Labor Holiday in China is fast approaching. It is a five-day holiday which starts on 29th, 2023 (Saturday) and ends on May 3, 2023 (Wednesday). Our company will be closed during this period.   We advise everyone to take this opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and spend quality time with their loved ones.  Moreover, please be reminded that our regular operations will resume on May 4, 2023 (Thursday).During this time, for urgent inquiry,pls kindly whatsapp+86 18559256353 or +86 18050037212, by email or .Will reply you ASAP.Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to our company.  We wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Holiday!Best regards    

  • How to fabricate quartz stone countertops?
    How to fabricate quartz stone countertops?
    • April 21, 2023

      How to fabricate quartz stone countertops?   Quartz countertop fabrication is a multi-step process that involves cutting, grinding, and polishing the quartz slab.   Cutting: The quartz slab is cut to size using a diamond saw blade. This process can be done manually or with a CNC machine depending on the size and shape of the countertop.  Grinding: Once the quartz slab has been cut to size, it is then ground down to remove any sharp edges and create a smooth surface. This process is done with diamond grinding wheels and pads.  Polishing: The quartz slab is then polished using diamond polishing pads to create a glossy finish. This step can also be done manually or with a CNC machine depending on the size and shape of the countertop.   Sinkcut and layout to make sure they are match.               Quartz countertops are extremely durable and low maintenance. They are non-porous, so they resist staining and do not require sealing. Quartz is also heat and scratch resistant, making it an ideal choice for busy kitchens. Additionally, quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize your kitchen to fit your style. Xiamen Excellent Stone can provide a wide variety of quartz colors and patterns,allowing you to customize your kitchen to fit your personal style.Quartz is also one of the most affordable countertop materials available.Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular in recent years.   Welcome to discuss for your future project.  

  • Xiamen Stone Fair on the 6-8th,June,2023
    Xiamen Stone Fair on the 6-8th,June,2023
    • April 14, 2023

        Good news! we have a chance to meet each other after almost 3 years' closing.We are ready now,pls kindly check our booth.We are writing to invite you to attend Xiamen Stone Fair with Booth No.: C2039 for our latest products.     In this time, we will show you some of our New stone products and Hot Sale items, for example, some new granite colors in black and grey, new marble colors, engineered marble and quartz stone.We believe that you will find our products more competitive in the areas of design, quality and prices. They should get a very good reception in your market and help you grow your business.Welcome to visit us! Strongly recommend Now only 2 months till June 5-8th. We strongly recommend applying for Visa to China at least one month before departure from the country of origin.If you need the invitation letter from Xiamen Stone Fair, please feel free to let me know.   Looking forward to meeting you here.      

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