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 Excellent Stone factory also produce sintered stone.Sintered stone is one of the new hot topics in the interior design world. This is because they are the best of both worlds – natural and engineered.

Sintered stone uses natural materials that make for beautiful surfaces, and it uses an engineered process that adds speed and flexibility. The speed helps save money, and the flexibility allows the choice of color, texture and size.All these options are available, while still having the quality materials at the base of the surface.Sintered surfaces are made from natural materials that go through the engineered process of sintering, which mimics the natural compression and heat of the environment.Sintered surfaces give the illusion of natural faults and unique qualities.

Sintered stone is available in a wide range of patterns, including realistic marble-looks, modern concrete-looks, and nature-inspired looks. Choose the contemporarysintered stone color you like!

JC27K116Y2 JC27K123Y2 JC27K173Y2 JC27K967Y2
JC27K126Y2 JC27K189Y2-A JC27K189Y2-B JN27K053Y2
JC27K150Y2 JC27K152Y2 JC27K155Y2 JC27K157Y2
JC27K215Y2 JC27K213Y2


JC27K210D2 JC27K211D2 JC27K212D2 JC27K160Y2

JC32A155Y2 JC32A157Y2 JC32A191X2 JNB32A087X2
JN32A125X2 JNB32A112P2 JNB32A127P2 JNB32A131P2
JNB32A178P2 JC32A162P2 J32B039P1 JCB32B967Y2
JNB32B078P2-A JNB32B078P2-B JNB32B089P2-A JNB32B089P2-B
JNB32B089P2-C JNB32B089P2-D JC32B192Y2 JC32B193Y2
JC32B116Y2 JN32B108X2 JN32B126X2 JN32B170X2


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