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  • Is Quartz Stone UV Resistance
  • Engineered quartz stone, also known as quartz composite or engineered quartz countertops, typically consists of approximately 90-95%  quartz sand combined with resins and pigments. The UV resistance of engineered quartz stone can vary depending on the specific brand and manufacturing process.


    Quartz Stone Colors


    Generally, engineered quartz is designed to be UV resistant to some degree. The resins used in the production of engineered quartz countertops are typically formulated to provide protection against UV radiation. This helps prevent the material from yellowing or degrading when exposed to sunlight or other sources of UV light.

    However, it's important to note that even though engineered quartz may have UV resistance, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can still cause some degree of fading or discoloration over time. UV radiation can slowly break down certain types of pigments or dyes used in engineered quartz, leading to slight changes in color. The extent of UV resistance can also vary among different brands or specific formulations of engineered quartz.


    Engineered Quartz Countertops

    To ensure the longevity of engineered quartz countertops or other applications in outdoor settings or areas with high exposure to UV radiation, it's advisable to consult the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations regarding UV protection. Additionally, taking preventive measures like limiting direct sunlight exposure or using protective measures, such as UV-blocking window films or shades, can help minimize potential UV-related effects on engineered quartz surfaces.

  • Viscount White Granite Countertop Fabrication


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    Viscount White Kitchen Countertop


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    Viscount White Granite

  • Is quartz surface used outdoors?
  • Questions: Is quartz surface used outdoors?


    Answers:It's important to note that this is generally not recommended. Engineered quartz, which contains unsaturated polyester resin, can become prone to discolor or yellowing if exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

    Additionally, the manufacturer's choice of titanium dioxide during production can have a big impact on the yellowing of quartz.

    If you need to place quartz outdoors temporarily, we advise customers to use a waterproof tarp as a protective cover against direct sunlight.


    Pls remember, prolonged exposure to the sun and wind can result in the yellowing of engineered quartz over time.


  • Price of Pure White Quartz


    When you purchase for pure white quartz,there is one thing pls remember.

    Pure White Quartz price changes from its grain texture and whiteness degree.

    Pure White Quartz





    Quartz countertops are made from 90% quartz, quartz is non-porous which makes it stain resistant. This means that as long as liquids are wiped away soon after a spill, there shouldn’t be any concern. Natural stones like granite, which are porous, will absorb liquids and moisture. Over time, a kitchen countertop may absorb oils, wine, juice, and other substances that will be difficult to remove. This is because the pores let the substance in below the surface where it can’t be wiped away.

    The second benefit of the non-porous character of quartz countertop is the fact that it does not require sealer. To help prevent stains in other materials, it needs to be sealed periodically. 



    In addition to being non porous, quartz countertops are also low maintenance. Any spills can be quickly wiped up, so no scrubbing, poultices, or special cleansers are required. Quartz can be cleaned with your basic household cleansers, or with soap and water. It is scratch and stain resistant, so you’ll think about it and its maintenance cost less.



     Quartz is incredibly strong and durable can hold up anthing in your kitchen. You can use your quartz countertop for all your kitchen needs, without worrying that you’ll be damaging it in some way. Quartz is also heat resistant. This allows you to relax more and really use your countertop, rather than worrying constantly about caring for it.


    4. STYLISH

    Many stylish choices available for quartz countertop. Quartz comes in an incredibly wide range of colors and patterns. It can mimic the look of marble, granite, or concrete, and it comes in colors that may be unobtainable in other materials such as bright blue.

    Each quartz countertop piece can be OEM. This means that if you have odd angles, curves, want a waterfall edge, or any other unique situation, quartz can be shaped to match. You also get choices in the finish, with many colors coming in polished and leather surface textures. This allows you to customize the look of your quartz countertop more exactly to your home.

    Whether you want the traditional look of polished marble or the industrial appearance of leathered concrete, quartz can match. 




    If you take a closer look at granite slab or marble slab, you’ll notice many small naturally occurring imperfections. Pits, fissures, cracks, and color streaks are present in nearly every type of stone. Some may be small, some may start small and grow over time, and others are noticeable right from the beginning.However,Quartz countertops are made with precision, using controlled quantities of materials, as well as quality control and care which minimizes the occurrence of pits, fissures, and other imperfections.


  • Where Is Engineered Quartz Used For?

    Q:Where can engineered quartz be used?

    Engineered quartz is hard, dense, nonporous, nonabrasive, and nonreactive to acids—attributes that make it perfect for

    using as countertops,bathrooms, backsplashes, walls, and even floors. Engineered quartz is maintenance free,you can cut

    food directly on it.Quartz surface is considered an engineered material; not a natural stone.  This means you don’t get the

    unique, natural veining that can be found in granite and marble. Many designers/contractor or homeowners love the idea

    of having a piece of nature as the centerpiece for the kitchen, and appreciate the fact that no slab of granite or marble can

    be replicated. For those who agree, quartz simply won’t cut it. But for customers who want consistent color, engineered quartz

    may be a very appealing option. Quartz slabs tend to have even coloration and texture, since they’re manufactured

    in a controlled environment. This makes it much easier to select a slab, or get a consistent look using multiple slabs. 

    Who ask for a modern look? Because that means Quartz countertops for kitchen,bathroom,lobby,wall and flooring.

    Xiamen Excellent Stone fabricates and ship top quality granite, marble and engineered quartz countertops for kitchen, bathroom,

    office or any interior setting. The owner, Mark, is highly professional and has decades of experience in the countertop

    manufacturing industry. As such, he has mastered the skills of using granite and marble to adapt to your various needs.

    When it comes to granite and marble, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. If you have questions about

    how to choose the best color to match,Give us a call today!Great prices! Fast service!

    Quality is the most important thing to us.We really care about all of our customers. Our mission is clear:to provide

    our best service and value to all of our customers, we continue to provide the highest quality of marble and granite products.


    Pure White Engineered Quartz Bar Top

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    Front desk tops

    Table tops

    Engineered Quartz Surface Bar Tops


    Quartz Surface Worktops  with full functions


    Engineered Quartz for Cashier Desk Tops


    Small Counter Tops


    Quartz Surface Bar Tops



  • Company Vision and Value

    What is Xiamen Excellent Stone's Vision?

    We will be the most trusted and valued stone business partner of all our customers.

    What is Xiamen Excellent Stone's Culture?

    Quality is our culture.Your satisfaction is our motivation.

    What is Xiamen Excellent Stone's Value?

    Our value is Excellent,Do things better than anyone else in our industry to solve your worries and concerns.

    What is Xiamen Excellent Stone's Mission?

    We provide one-stop solution to enhance the business of our customers.

    For project contractor,Xiamen Excellent Stone aims to supply most competitive or alternative material to save budget.A fast delivery with perfect quality to meet the project schedule.

    For wholesaler,Xiamen Excellent Stone aims at supplying various selection for granite,marble and quartz colors to meet your market's demand at wholesale price and big quantity with fast delivery.

    For small-middle dealer,Xiamen Excellent Stone provide a small MOQ  and fast delivery to support your business expanding.

  • Some FAQS about Xiamen Excellent Stone
  • 1. What does ExcellentStone do?

    Excellentstone is a professional and experienced manufacturer and developer of quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops, with more than 10-year’s exportation to global market.


    2. Why should customers choose Excellent Stone?

    Excellent Stone advantages: 

    1). Wide range of color collections. 

    2). Always stick close to the international trend. 

    3). Focus more on white-based and grey-based collections and marbling/veined collection.

    4). International standard quality and service, at affordable prices. 

    5). 7+24 service,easy communication and fast response. 

    6). Both quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops are available from Excellent Stone.


    3. Which countries are the main markets of Excellent Stone?

    Excellent Stone quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops are mainly exported to the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Italy, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Hongkong, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.


    4. Has Excellent Stone ever taken part in any exhibition?

    Every year Excellent Stone takes part in exhibitions in USA, Europe, Dubai, Brazil, Asia, and so on.


    5. What sizes of quartz slabs are available from Excellent Stone?

    Excellent Stone standard slab sizes are 126"*63" (3200*1600mm) and 118"*55" (3000*1400mm), and other customized sizes are also available.


    6. How should the quartz stone slabs be stocked temporarily?

    The quartz stone slabs must not be exposed to the sunshine directly, and slabs must be erected vertically.


    7.What is the delivery date?

    Excellent stone has a stocked warehouse with marble slab and quartz slab,to meet your demand,we can deliver the goods 5 days after order



  • What is the application of quartz stone surface?
  • What is the application of quartz stone surface?

    Xiamen Excellent Stone as a Modern quartz stone suppliers or engineered stone manufacturers provides super stunning range of quartz stone products for residential and commercial applications.It can be used for office,flooring,furniture,bathroom and kitchen countertop.

    Engineered quartz stone has been used widely by the best designers and builders all over the world by its durability and consistency for commercial applications.Quartz stone provides a luxurious and unique fit-out for your offices,buildings or some high-end hotels.

    Nowadays, quartz stone surface is the best choice for kitchen and bathroom counter tops by the world-class designers for both of its beauty and durability.Not only is desirable for countertops, but have extended further usages as backsplash,island,nook,gable ends and vertical feature panels.

    For more information about quartz stone,pls contact or visit

    wechat/whatsapp: +86 18559256353 

    A total of



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