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How to choose premium quality natural marble stone

  • 2021-12-29 11:43:12

Here,will make some introduction about how to choose premium quality marble for your project or house?

Marble features:

Marble undergoes squeezing of the earth's crust and high-temperature metamorphism due to geothermal heat to form a massive structure. There are also many structures with bands, stripes, patches or spots.

Marble is colorful, can produce ever-changing patterns, and there is no repeating texture, which is its precious charm.After processing, the marble presents a light and luxurious luminous texture, with its own atmospheric luxury style, no matter how outdated, it has always been an important decoration material to enhance the high sense of space.

Lilac Purple Marble

Advantages and disadvantages of natural marble:

Advantages: high hardness, durability, and beautiful texture.

Disadvantages: Marble itself has capillary pores and is a porous structure material, which is easy to eat and color, and moisture is easy to enter. Although hard but brittle, it will corrode when exposed to acid.

Panda White Marble Worktops

How to detect the pros and cons of marble stone:

Marble is generally divided into three grades: first+ class, first-class and qualified. Such grade identification is determined through testing of instruments and measuring tools, and you can ask the manufacturer to produce a grade certificate.

At the scene, you can also use the following methods to judge the pros and cons of the stone.

The brighter the surface, the harder the texture.When we picked marbles in the stone yard, we all saw a large sample of the stone as shown in the picture below.
Hilton Grey Marble

Then carefully observe the surface gloss. After the marble is polished, the surface can produce mirror-like reflections. The brighter the mirror effect, the harder the stone, the higher density of the structure, and the better quality.

Polished Hilton Grey Marble

Striking the marble, the clearer the sound, the better quality:

You can knock on the stone with coins or other objects. The sound is crisper, which means that the hardness is high, the internal density is also high, and the quality of the stone is better.

If the sound is muffled, it means that the hardness is low or there are cracks inside, and the quality is poor.

Confirmation of the surface, whether there are cracks or bumps

Marble is a natural product. It is inevitable that there will be defects on the surface. A few holes are acceptable and can be repaired after polishing and filling.

Marble Stone Wall Tiles
But pls pay special attention to whether there are cracks or bumps on the marble surface.

Although marble is high in hardness, it is brittle. In the case of cracks, it is not easy to process it, and it also increases the difficulty of construction. During the process, larger cracks may occur, or even the whole piece is broken
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Choose marble according to the area of use:

In addition to testing the pros and cons of the stone through the above methods, according to the different areas of use, there are also tips that need to be paid attention to in the selection!

Marble is used on the floor, darker color is better than lighter color

Marble itself has pores, and when there are many pores, it is easy to get dirty. If you want to use marble to pave the floor, it is recommended that dark-colored marble is better than light-colored, and relatively resistant to stains.
Marble FLooring Tiles

Light-colored marble is recommended to be used on the wall

White or light beige marble has larger pores, higher water absorption, and softer hardness than darker marble. If you want to use it as a floor, you must take care of maintenance.

Therefore, for more convenient maintenance, it is recommended to use light-colored marble on decorative walls, such as TV walls and sofa background walls.
White Marble Tiles

Grey Marble Wall Tiles

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