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What is the popular paving methods of marble flooring tiles?

  • 2022-04-25 15:27:30

Marble is the most popular natural stone in the construction sector where it is used as marble floors,interior wall claddings.Natural marble has a delicate texture, wear-resistant and durable, and is widely used as a villa home decoration, which looks high-end atmosphere and full of high grades.Polished marble is very smooth and shiny and is an extremely attractive look. It reflects light and can give the illusion that it is translucent. A polished finish also brings out the colors in marble. The darker marbles like nero marquina or bardiglio allow light to glimmer on its surface and look dramatically elegant. Light colored marble like carrara or calacatta are clean and classic and will be aesthetically relevant for years to come. Bear in mind that marble may also be available in honed if you do not want the polished look.

The cost of marble tiles varies depending on the type, but generally, they are more expensive than porcelain tiles. But the benefit is that you have a unique and beautiful project  that will be much less trendy than many ceramic tiles. Marble has a timeless quality to it.There just is nothing that can duplicate real stone, because you can never have a repeat.  No two marble tiles are exactly the same. You will have a job that is unique to you because of the very nature of actual stone.

Now, I will share some design methods of marble floor paving to show the natural style of our marble. 

1.The regular paving way of marble flooring:


Dark Grey Marble Floor Tiles

This paving way is the most common paving method of marble, and the texture is displayed in one go, but it is only suitable for simple and modern style. If it is matched with European style, it may be slightly monotonous, so other paving schemes must be adopted.


White Marble with Gray Veins


White Gold Marble Tiles

Grey Marble is widely popular for flooring due to its grey-tone look. It has a smooth and shiny finish. It can be also used for wall cladding and flooring tiles. 


Grey Marble Wall and Floor Tiles


White Marble Flooring


Xiamen Excellent Stone offers a wide selection of marble floors and tile at rock bottom prices, to make an elegant statement for your project.

2.Mixed Colors Paving for Marble Flooring Tiles,it means marble flooring tiles mixed with 2-3 different marble colors , full of personality, more suitable for large spaces.


Marble Tiles for Entrance


White Marble Mixed With Black Marble Tiles


Marble Floor Tiles Price

3.Marble tiles mixed with copper line

Now in the international market,the most popular way is marble tiles is combined with copper lines. Full of texture, neat and natural, with a light luxury taste, it is worth trying.


Marble Tiles for Interior Flooring

Vinilla Marble


Chinese Marble Supplier

4.Marble Waterjet Tiles

The overall effect of luxury marble water jet paving way is highly praised in many European-style French home decoration designs.

Waterjet tile is an intricately cut tile that was once much more expensive. However, with updates in technology creating intricate and detailed tile patterns has become easier, and waterjet tile is now a more affordable option for any home.

Waterjet cut tile has the same durability and ease of maintenance as other tile. Waterjet tile comes in a variety of materials including glass, porcelain, ceramic, marble, and more.Waterjet tile also can be used on walls as shower surrounds or kitchen backsplashes. Waterjet mosaic tile makes a stunning fireplace tile or tub enclosure.

Xiamen Excellent Stone equipped with a professional craftsman for marble water jet production.One-stop solution can be offered,included a free CAD drawing by a thougthful design.


Dark Emperador Marble


Marble Waterjet Pattern Flooring


Marble Medallion


Xiamen Excellent Stone is the quarry owner of Cinderalla Grey marble and Tundra Grey marble,also,we are one of the biggest manufacturer of carrara white marble.30000M2 marble slab showroom in Shuitou,China.Welcome to visit us.


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