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Where is the Dekton sintered stone used?

  • April 18, 2022


Sintered Stone Worktop


As we all know,engineered quartz is on average around 93% Quartz crystals, bound with resins. Because these

elements are so densely compacted, Quartz is considered to be unrecyclable. Sintered stones however are the only

man-made stone to be comprised of 100% natural minerals, with no resin binders. This means the material can be

broken down and reused in future.

Sintered stones essentially are the next generation on from Quartz worktops,quartz countertop,quartz bar counters,

perfecting the blend of man-made processes with natural minerals to create a surface which is more resistant to chemicals,

abrasion, scratching, impact & thermal shock. This means while they come at a higher price point, they are mechanically

superior in every way.

Let's see where the sintered stone can be used?


1.Sintered Stone is widely used for Kitchen Countertop.



The kitchen stove is seriously polluted by oil fume, the countertop is easily worn and scratched due to high traffic,

and many colored liquids such as lemon juice and coffee can easily cause the countertop to be dyed and stained. 

Therefore, the use of sintered stone can solve all the common problems of kitchen countertops, and the sintered

stone imitates the texture of natural marbles and engineered quartz, looks great in appearance.


2.Sintered stone used for bar counter.



Nowadays, the decoration style is more and more simple, light and luxurious, and this style likes to make a bar counter

in the dining room or kitchen to enhance the taste and increase the functionality. Generally, the bar is relatively simple,

so the sintered stone bar counter can be competent. The strong impermeability of the sintered stone can solve the pollution

problem when the bar is used, and the high wear resistance and hardness can better meet the specifications and usage

requirements of the length and width of the bar.


3.Sintered Stone can be a decorative of furniture and table top



In fact, this is also determined by the current decoration trend. The simpler the more extraordinary, sintered stone is

very popular in the furniture industry.The use of sintered stone to make this kind of countertop can be more beautiful,

more anti-fouling, more wear-resistant, and the overall hardness is also very high.


4.Sintered Stone Dekton can be used for bathroom countertop,bathroom vanities.




The bathroom vanities is for make-up place, the chemical washer easy to cause pollution and penetration to the countertop.

Sintered stone bathroom vanity top can solve this problem very well. And now the use of sintered stone as the integrated

bathroom vanity with undermount sink is the most popular.


5.Sintered Stone can be used for wall cladding (wall panels)



Recognizing the advantages of sintered stone panels, including their lightweight and highly durable properties, many

architects are using sintered stone for their facade designs. Construction crews are then finding that they are easy to work

with and that large sizes reduce installation time compared to other materials. The use of this thin product means it can be

installed over existing surfaces, avoiding demolition and waste disposal in retrofit or renovation projects. It’s very light

size-to-weight ratio also means that the supporting wall does not typically need any extra reinforcement; rather, it can

easily be installed on conventional light-gauge metal framing wall systems.


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