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Where you can buy quality bianco orion marble as per your budget?

  • 2022-03-09 10:43:20

Bianco Orion Marble is quarried in China, also called Arabescato Venato Marble,this opulent marble tile features subtle white hues and is complete with a polished or high gloss finish,it is one of the most popular white marble in the world.

Bianco Orion Marble has great hardness and texture, which is widely used for countertops,bath tops, island tops, floor tiles&wall tiles, as well as thin tiles and mosaic tiles.

There are three main types of the Bianco Orion Marble, the random veinings type(very good choice for TV background decoration, making it elegant and classic for your home), the diagonal veinings type(which is ideally used for book-match designs, especially for the floor and wall decorations.Some Bianco Orion Slabs with diagonal veinings look like the Volakas Marble, but the price is more economic, which is a good option for the commercial&residential projects), and the whiter base with fewer veinings type(suitable for elegant and high-end projects and unique house designs.). Every type has unique color and appearance, and we have different quality slabs in our showroom in shuitou and blocks for you to choose from.Stocked in 18mm&20mm slabs and blocks for your choosing, OEM is available as per your requirements.

Bianco Orion marble can be cut into thin tiles for floor and wall decorations as its great hardness and texture, including the popular sizes of 12”x12”, 12”x24”, and 24”x24”, etc.Popular with polished&honed surface finish, other surface finishes are available.

Bianco Orion marble is also a perfect choice for mosaic tiles.

With white marble becomes more and more popular in the market.For example,carrera white marble is quite popular for wall&floor tiles,mosaic tile,table tops and kitchen&bath tops,but the price is high for some market.Bianco Orion marble can be a replacement of carrara white marble with its affordable price.

Complement your design with refined elegance by using Bianco Orion marble tiles in your interior spaces. Marble tiles provide endless decor possibilities.Give your place elegant appeal with marble. With many styles to choose from, you'll appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of marble. Marble adds sophistication to interior spaces and provides endless design possibilities.

Put this Bianco Orion Polished Marble Tile in one room or several. Not only is it extremely durable in high-traffic areas, it’s also versatile and can be used to refine many styles. Chances are that no one will have that same floor or wall as you if you choose this tile.

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