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How to choose and identify the quality of mongolian black granite?

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Mongolian black granite is a black basalt locates in Inner Mongolia ,the northern part of China, it is one of the most popular black granite for decorations.This black granite is widely used for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall tiles and floor tiles applications, fountains, swimming pool coping and wall coping.The main mineral components of mongolian black are cryptocrystalline plagioclase and pyroxene, and it also contains a small amount of volcanic glass and Qinite.The particles of honed black granite are relatively fine, and the color of the board surface is black after polishing, but it has a little yellowish feeling, and the board surface also has some white spots.But Compared with another two famous China black granites (Shanxi Black and Hebei Black), it has much smaller grains, and the prices are much cheaper.

Additional Names of Mongolian Black: Neimang Black,Ebony Black Mongolia,G 133,Menggu Black,Mongo Basalt,Mongolia Black,Mongolian Black,Nero Mongolia,Super Mongolia Black


Water Absorption:0.29 %
Compressive Strength: 153.8 MPa
Density:2640 kg/m3
Flexural Strength: 15.4 MPa

Random slabs sizes:

Popular slabs sizes are 180UP/240UP/270UP*60UP/65UP/70UP/75UP/80UP/85UP*2cm/3cm, etc
Slabs as above are very suitable for cutting into flooring tiles, wall tiles ,wall cladding , kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops , monuments.

The sizes, thickness and surface finishing are usually as per customer’s request, the popular sizes is:

300mm*300mm, 305mm*305mm (12”x12”), 300mm*600mm, 305mm*610mm (12”x24”), 457mm*457mm (18”x18”), 600mm*600mm,  610mm*610mm (24”x24”), etc

Super thin granite slabs , 8~10 mm thickness .  


Different Surface Finishing of Granite Mongolia Black?


The popular surface finish of mongolian balck is polished,honed, flamed, bush-hammered, and sandblasted.

Polish is the best way to show the solid colour, the surface is smooth, it can be used for flooring, wall cladding, skirting, countertops, headstones, etc.

Honed surface, also called matt finish, give people another feeling of elegance, the stone colour becomes grey, the surface is smooth, too, but not as shiny as polish. Australia customers like this finish so much, it has a little anti-slip function, usually used for bathroom flooring, sometimes for countertops (benchtops).


Flamed is the second most popular processing method. Some clients call it heating or burning. After flaming, the stone surface becomes rough, it is very helpful for anti-slip, popularly used for outdoor flooring,swimming coping,stairs and steps, etc. The thickness should be over 1.5cm for flamed finishing because the stone becomes fragile under extremely high temperature, easy to be broken, thinner the stone is, more breakage will be.

After flamed, we will brush the stone surface one or two times, to make it be friendly to our naked hand touching and remove the rust dirt. If it is brushed by over 5 times, the surface will become ,pre smooth, we call it leather finishing because it is touched like the leather, this surface processing is usually used for bathroom flooring and tabletops.



Bush-Hammered is another surface treatment for the anti-slip function, after bush-hammered, the stone surface will be full of shallow and small holes, same as the flamed finishing, this processing is widely used for outdoor flooring and steps. Because the stone will be under the very high-pressure impact, it has a higher requirement for the thickness, it should be 2.5cm up.


Sandblasted is similar to bush-hammered, but its holes are much smaller and the quantity is larger, its touch feeling is more comfortable, because of the different processing procedure, the stone with under 2.5cm thickness can be sandblasted, too. These surface treatment products can be used for bathroom flooring.


Do you know the benefits of using Mongolian Black granite?


1.) It gives any room a more distinctive appearance when used as tiling.

2.) It is very difficult to scratch or stain.

3) Cleaning and maintenance is very simple.

4.) It’s one of those rare materials that combine strength and durability with exquisite beauty.

5) Granite lasts for an incredibly long time. The oldest mountain ranges on the earth are granitic and have withstood the forces of erosion for millions of years.

6.) Countertops made from this material always have a tidy appearance because water droplets readily blend in with its specked surface.

Mongolian black granite countertetops's characteristics also include high load-bearing capacity, compression resistance and good grinding ductility, it is easy to cut, shape, and can create thin plates. Its characteristics: hard texture, non-radiation, uniform color, and can be used as board, floor, countertop, sculpture, tombstone, engineering exterior wall panel, interior wall panel, floor, square engineering board, environmental decoration roadside stone and other buildings and gardens.Besides,We also sell granite worktops including vanity tops specialize for bathroom vanity tops .  We sell granite worktops , counter tops , vanity tops to building contractors, kitchen stores, interior decorators and designers, as well as other businesses and fabricators of granite and marble.


How to identify the quality of Mongolian Black Granite?


Firstly,the surface structure of Mongolian black granite is observed by naked eyes. Generally speaking, the stone with uniform fine material structure has a fine texture, which is the best stone; the appearance effect of the stone with coarse-grained and unequal grain structure is poor. Besides, due to the influence of the geological process, stone often produces some minor cracks, which are most likely to crack along these parts, so it should be removed. As for the lack of edges and corners, which affects the beauty, we should pay special attention on it when choosing.


Second, measure the size and specification of the stone to avoid affecting the splicing, or causing the deformation of the pattern, pattern, and line after splicing and affecting the decoration effect. (for this point, Mongolian black stone generally does not have the problem of poor design and color.)

Third, listen, that is, listen to the sound of stone percussion. Generally speaking, the knocking sound of good quality stone is crisp and pleasant; on the contrary, if there is a slight crack in the stone or the contact between particles becomes loose due to weathering, the knocking sound is coarse and dumb.

The last tips is testing, which is to use a simple test method to test the quality of the stone. Generally, a small particle of ink is dripped on the back of the stone. If the ink is quickly dispersed and leached around, it means that the particles inside the stone are loose or there is a gap, and the quality of the stone is not good; otherwise, if the ink drips in place, it means that the quality of the stone is good.



Mongolian black granite is one of our most advantage products,besides,we also hold advantages for other black and white granite,grey granite,china yellow granite and imported gold granite for kitchen granite stone price,granite vanity top in both cheap and expensive options.Xiamen Excellent Stone can be your trusted supplier of granite marble natural stones,manufacturer of all kinds of granite products.

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