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Some FAQS about Xiamen Excellent Stone

  • April 07, 2022

1. What does ExcellentStone do?

Excellentstone is a professional and experienced manufacturer and developer of quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops, with more than 10-year’s exportation to global market.

2. Why should customers choose Excellent Stone?

Excellent Stone advantages: 

1). Wide range of color collections. 

2). Always stick close to the international trend. 

3). Focus more on white-based and grey-based collections and marbling/veined collection.

4). International standard quality and service, at affordable prices. 

5). 7+24 service,easy communication and fast response. 

6). Both quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops are available from Excellent Stone.

3. Which countries are the main markets of Excellent Stone?

Excellent Stone quartz stone slabs and prefabricated tops are mainly exported to the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Italy, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Hongkong, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

4. Has Excellent Stone ever taken part in any exhibition?

Every year Excellent Stone takes part in exhibitions in USA, Europe, Dubai, Brazil, Asia, and so on.

5. What sizes of quartz slabs are available from Excellent Stone?

Excellent Stone standard slab sizes are 126"*63" (3200*1600mm) and 118"*55" (3000*1400mm), and other customized sizes are also available.

6. How should the quartz stone slabs be stocked temporarily?

The quartz stone slabs must not be exposed to the sunshine directly, and slabs must be erected vertically.

7.What is the delivery date?

Excellent stone has a stocked warehouse with marble slab and quartz slab,to meet your demand,we can deliver the goods 5 days after order confirmation.


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